Live Organically

Fuel your body with only the best. Plant based power!

Wellness Is Paramount

Eating organic is just the baseline for being healthy. You have to live organically, too! Our recipes will teach you how to eat fresh – with whole food, sprouted, living ingredients. Our most popular recipes are healthy vegan dinner recipes.

Experience Adventure

The elation felt with viewing new horizons awaits you.

Make Your Vacation Exceed Expectations

Did your last vacation leave you wanting more, feeling unfulfilled? Knowing locals opens up new worlds. We’ve spent months on the road meeting the right people and exploring just the right places. Let us be your guide for the trip of a lifetime.

Create Consciously

The world of entrepreneurship is difficult as it is - let us lend you a hand.

Give Yourself The Website You Need

There are many convenient solutions for website creation, but most are limited, with the exception of WordPress. With WordPress the sky is the limit – so if you are a small business looking for website design, you have found a solution! Read more here.

Free Spirit Press is here to guide you.

We want to make your transition into the most vibrant lifestyle an easy one.

We want you to be able to rejoice in the magnificence and beauty of our universe every day.

Your state of being depends on how you treat your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

Your business life is not excluded from this – as business is part of our daily life!

Treat yourself, and your business with conscious decisions.

Meet Alexandra

Alexandra Marshall
Alexandra MarshallHealth Educator, Travel Guide, Web Designer, SEO Expert and more

Her Background

Alexandra’s passion to bring greatness into everyone’s lives is unending and she has found ways to provide solutions down many different avenues. Her marketing experience brought her a greater depth of understanding in the natural and organic product world, as well as web design, SEO and content writing skills. Her organic lifestyle has led her to create recipes that suit every day needs, cravings, and nutrition. She doesn’t leave herĀ conscious lifestyle at home, however, as she takes it along with her everywhere she goes. Her adventures have brought her to surreal locations and taught her valuable lessons along the way.

After working in the marketing arena with Whole Foods Market and other giants, Alexandra found her area of interest – web design – as it combines technical know-how with intuitive design skills that she gets from being raised by an artist. Her expertise is found in a number of different areas: as a content creator she has written product pitches that have landed multiple products in supermarket chains and created well researched, 1,000+ word articles optimized for SEO; as a web designer she has created her own website as well as her yoga instructor’s, and taught her instructor how to manage his own site; as an SEO expert she wrote a number of articles as mentioned before, and also completed on-site optimization of a few websites as well.
At a young age, Alexandra had the epiphany that she did not want to eat animals. This led to a long transition into a vegan lifestyle – which she has held for over two and a half years now. Her eventual transition from a pescatarian lifestyle (vegetarian, with the addition of fish) to a vegan lifestyle brought a miraculous change in her body chemistry – ridding her of all scoliosis pain. She rejoiced in this with the exploration of new recipes – which she has collected on this website to share with others.
As a child, Alexandra was brought to wonders of the world, on long road trips, told tales of faraway places… And now she has begun to explore the world for herself. After living many months on the road visiting every little bit of the American Southwest that she could, she realised she could go on to do just that – adventure – forever. She has decided to pour forth the wealth of knowledge she holds on each destination.. And offer herself up as a guide for the very best travel experiences you can imagine.
Alexandra’s unique assortment of talents and areas of expertise have made her a diverse individual, and her experiences have cultivated a wonderful opportunity for her to partner with others and share her worlds of knowledge. She is here to help create a better future for all of us – diet related guidance, travel plan creation, graphic and logo design, web design and management, SEO, and teaching of the latter two elements.

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