Plant based diet? Organic? Vegan? Raw? We'll guide you through it all.

Live Organically

At Free Spirit Press we are dedicated to guiding others into a plant-based, organic lifestyle that satisfies not only themselves, but the environment too. We offer health-conscious vegan recipes and lifestyle consultations.


The elation felt with viewing new horizons awaits you. Explore our destinations!

Make Your Vacation Exceed Expectations

Did your last vacation leave you wanting more? We’ve spent months on the road meeting the right people and exploring just the right places. Browse our travel articles and let us be your guide for the trip of a lifetime.

WordPress Web Design

A WordPress based website can get you where you need to be. We're here to help!

Give Yourself The Website You Need

The world of online experiences is so vast that learning it may seem like crossing an ocean. We are here to hold your hand through the steps of creating, designing, and learning all about WordPress websites, as well as graphic design. Read more here.

Free Spirit Press is here to guide you.


Your transition you into the most vibrant, conscious,

organic lifestyle possible starts here. Begin your change through

all scopes of life such as wellness, travel, and web design.


Follow my footsteps as I journey through life,

discovering what it means to live in a down-to-Earth way.

Try out our recipes for healthy, vegan, organic inspiration,

read our FAQ for a guide on transitioning to a plant based diet,

or our travel reviews to please your wanderlust.

Our marketplace holds handmade gemstone gifts,

and we also provide web design services for business owners.


So take my hand, and let’s go!

Meet Alexandra

Alexandra Marshall
Alexandra MarshallLifestyle Guide, Travel Navigator, WordPress Web Designer, and more
Dedicated to conscious lifestyle choices, Alexandra promotes nothing less than the ultimate plant-based, vegan, eco-friendly path.

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