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Web Design For


the Greater Good

Work With Me Towards A Better World

I stand for freedom for all.


And what does that look like?

The freedom to work for yourself, or work remotely;

the freedom to learn skills that you would have never known before;

and the freedom to ask and receive help, without shame.


See, freedom, in digital form, allows everyone to perform their best.

Aspiring business owners can make their living,

and rural students can find jobs that allow them to work from home.


We all share something in common:

The desire to be free and self-sufficient.

And that, my friend, is where I come in.

I support businesses


that provide solutions


for the greater good.

Let’s make the world a better place.¬†Together.

What our clients say about us

If you have an opportunity to work with Alex, take it! She is one of the most organized and focused people I have worked with and the quality of work she produces is clean and fast! Not only can she help with graphic design projects, but she can also help to streamline your business so you no longer feel overwhelmed. So grateful to have the opportunity to co-create with Alex for many years to come.

Brittney Johnson, Top of the Mountain

Alex did an amazing job on designing my website. She helped me to move it over from Weebly to WordPress, and was so patient with everything along the way. She took so much time out of her day to not only work on my site, but also give me pointers that I would otherwise never heard of. If you want someone that will take what you’re envisioning and make it a reality, Free Spirit Press is the way to go. She did my site quickly and carefully, and I highly recommend her to ANYONE looking for help with their site or a total redesign.

Hana LaRock, Hana LaRock Writing

5 stars isn’t enough. I needed a top notch professional website tailored to my wants and needs. After being let down and disappointed with others, I trusted Alex and she blew my mind out of the universe with her incredible skill, communication and attention to detail. It’s safe to say she delivered more than I thought was possible. My boss reviewed my website from Alex after completion and offered to hire her on the spot for all of the company’s web design needs. All I want to tell you is that Alex will NOT let you down in the slightest. She’s the only person I will put my trust in and use. It’s rare that you find such a real and honest individual who also possesses the quality skills needed in this ever changing world. I was beyond happy and know you will be as well.

Giovanni Lentini, (Previously) Rodeo Realty