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Alexandra is on a mission

Free Spirit Press has evolved from what it once was: an outlet for Alexandra’s lifestyle guidance.

She began her journey in both wellness and marketing with Whole Foods Market,

and went on to manage a full spectrum digital marketing agency while travelling.

After she left to seek company more aligned with her own goals, she began to work for herself.

One thing led to another, and she began her own business, Free Spirit Press, in web design and digital marketing.

In her travels, she discovered Santa Fe, New Mexico (along with the rest of the Southwest),

and decided to bind more permanent ties to the area. She’s now the marketing director

of a local nonprofit focused on bringing tech and tech education to the under-served

rural Spanish-speaking villages and Native American pueblos in Northern New Mexico.

While she is all over the map, she can work remotely, and loves more than anything to partner

with others who are dedicated to the greater good of our planet, our bodies, minds, and souls.

Free Spirit Press is dedicated to digital freedom, and working hard towards it for all every day.

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