Brin’s Mesa Trail to Overlook Point

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5 Miles
Easy Hike

Looking for a good hike and to be around little to no people?

Brin’s Mesa trail may be the trail for you. By far my favourite out of all the ones we tried in the Sedona region, you’ll find seclusion, a nice ascent, a great rock to eat a snack on and watch the sunset, and epic views. Most of the times I have hiked on this trail I have been the only one in the canyon. Nestled at the back of the last subdivision on Jordan Road, down a dirt path, you’ll reach the parking lot which has a number of trails branching off of it – such as the Jim Thompson trail and the path to Devil’s Kitchen. The actual Brin’s Mesa Trail is a lot longer than this version of it, where you swing to the right at the top of the mesa and head to an overlook. The entire Brin’s Mesa Trail continues from the top of the mesa to connect with a number of other trails and you can actually create a loop back around to the parking lot by continuing onto the other trails. I’ll definitely be doing that when I return to Sedona, but I didn’t have the chance while I was there.

This hike is approximately 2.5 miles out and back, very easy to follow, easy difficulty, but provides a nice work out. Once you ascend to the top of the mesa, you will head right on a tiny trail and continue walking until you see a large rock jutting out of the mesa, facing south and overlooking the canyon. Climb up on to the rock and find a nice sitting area. This is my favourite spot to sit – nice breeze and absolutely gorgeous views. So peaceful – not a sound but the chirping of the birds.

To open up the trailhead on google maps, visit the google maps listing here.

Again, make sure to download the USFS Sedona hiking trails map here. I like to have a copy of it on my phone as well as an actual map on hand.

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