Chocolatree – An Organic Vegetarian Oasis

What is better than cooling off after a hike with a nice, ice cold lemonade? I have never thought of lemonade as something utterly remarkable, but then again, the wonderful family behind Chocolatree raises the bar for absolutely everything. To quickly read my suggestions for food, scroll below the gallery, otherwise, read on!

This eatery is unlike any other you have been to before; They hold their standards for food, life, and love, so high, that their great intentions permeate their surroundings, and make their cuisine virtually sacred. You could have the harshest dietary restrictions and still be catered to more than generously. Every item on their menu is made from scratch, in house – even their condiments, nut butters, etc  – in addition to being organic, local, and vegan. There isn’t an item on their menu that I have been dissatisfied with, and in fact it has all been delicious – quite possibly from all of the love put into it. You also will never get sour looks from the staff here – every individual on their team is friendly, genuine, and caring. I find that servers at eateries play one of the largest parts of your experience, as often, they’re a mirror of what they are serving!

The ownership originally created this place with the intention of simply having fun and spreading goodness, not even expecting to break even. Their food is all crafted with the highest quality, highest ethical ingredients they can find, no matter the cost. For using ingredients that we cannot even obtain in our daily lives, their food is priced perfectly. You pay for quality here, whereas with other restaurants you are paying for their profit, as the ingredients used in most other places are poor quality – even more so when compared to this establishment.

Step into the garden and walk into another world, a calm, quiet oasis with dappled light and shade, an edible garden and orchard, hammocks all over to relax in, little decorations accenting the many trees, and plenty of seating in the sun or the shade, with comforting music humming in the background. This is the ideal place to relax – I have spent many hours sitting and reading or writing with the gentle breeze behind me and the birds, butterflies, and bees as company. The air smells fresh and the noise from the road is minimal.. They were blessed with the most ideal location. There is surely no greater spot in Sedona than theirs.

As I have already mentioned, when looking for refreshments, try the Ginger Lemonade. There is a reason it is the most popular drink on the menu. My favourite drink is the Green Mountain – which is the Ginger Lemonade with a a splash of wheatgrass.  If that’s not of interest to you, the chocolate milk may be for you. It’s what all chocolate milk should taste like – not too sweet, but rich with cacao flavour. If you are used to chocolate milk made with store-bought syrups, it will not be what you expect. For a tonic drink, try the Heart On – it’s worth it if you are not feeling your best, or just want a booster. Their potato pancakes are a favourite of mine for an appetizer or light snack, but I usually like to start my meal with a fruit lassi! They have a lassi of the day, and if you fall in love with them, make sure to get there early in the day as their special flavour may run out due to popularity. The Sedona 2012 Wrap is the most filling, diverse item from their entrees as you get a little bit of everything in it – wild rice, quinoa, potatoes, mushrooms, guacamole, and etcetera. However, I have a special place in my heart for their waffles. I love ordering half of a savoury waffle and half of a classic. The Mexican Fiesta salad is my favourite of their salads. Scroll past the pictures for a succinct list of suggestions!

Truthfully, the surrounding establishments that cater to tourists are often rated higher and see more traffic than Chocolatree, and the fact of the matter is that it is very difficult to please a palate used to a cane sugar, white flour, processed and packaged food based diet, as many tourists have. Support the movement of real food, ethical food, and a love for all people by visiting this divine location. To view their location and information on Google Maps, this is their listing.

Beverages: Ginger Lemonade, Chocolate Milk, Heart On. Light Snack or Appetizer:  Lassi of the Day, Potato Pancakes. Entrée: Sedona 2012 Wrap, Waffles (half orders of both savoury and classic). Salads: Mexican Fiesta. Dessert: SeDonut (pecan, yum!). Learn more about them on their website here.


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