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There are businesses, in fact entire industries, that have risen up and rely solely upon the digital realm. From our experience with small businesses, we have seen that it can be difficult to develop and keep up with your online presence when dealing with all of the other aspects of entrepreneurship at the same time. This is why we’ve created solutions that work to your advantage.

Content Management Systems like WordPress are the medium by which you can edit website content without changing any code directly. The design elements are stored separately from the content so that you can revise the website without changing the looks. Another great feature of WordPress is that you can get by with little to no coding knowledge if you aren’t making design adjustments!
Search engines such as Google rely upon a few factors to determine your search ranking – domain age, relevancy to the search term, authority on your subject, and high quality content.  The first factor is one out of your control; but the latter are all things that you can work on. By writing high-quality articles you establish both your relevancy and authority on subjects and build up content for your site at the same time.
Content is king in the online world. If you read the SEO tab, you will have heard that you need to establish relevancy, authority, and content on your site to begin to rank for keywords. When you do choose a great topic, research extensively, and write well-thought out and well-planned articles, you not only become a relevant authority in Google’s eyes, but in the eyes of everyday searchers.

Why Choose Us

  • We’ll work one-on-one with you to create the site you desire
  • With our guide to WordPress you’ll be able to manage everything yourself
  • Search Engine Optimization will help boost your long-term relevance
  • Our detailed design document will ensure you get everything you need out of the project
  • Management services are available for the busiest folk

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