Fresh Mangosteen

Imagine walking through a forest in the far East, and seeing a hard, round, dark purple fruit hanging from a tree. It looks absolutely inedible, gives off no smell, and seems extremely tough to break into. But if you were to open one up, it would not only provide a delicious snack, but an array of health benefits as well. This fruit you are imagining is a Mangosteen, and you will either have to travel overseas to eat them fresh, order them, or hope to find them at an Asian or specialty market.

Highly esteemed in the health world for its massive load of benefits, it is difficult to come by its fresh form in America. Typically people will add mangosteen powder to smoothies and shakes to benefit from its xanthones – a super-powerful antioxidant that even outweighs vitamin C in potency. It is great for anti inflammatory purposes, and numerous studies show that it helps protect & fight against vicious diseases such as cancer. Although, be careful if you purchase the powder – as this article by Mike Adams from NaturalNews talks about the heavy metal content (lead!) of mangosteen powders. This article by one of his staff writers talks about the phytochemicals in mangosteen, where you can find links to the NIH studies on its disease fighting agents.

The flavour of fresh mangosteen is unrivaled… We ate our whole bag of them in a few minutes! The flesh is delicate and almost melts in your mouth – it has an indescribable, mild, yet bold and complex flavour. Eating one should be on your bucket list. Such an odd fruit.

You can remove the top and slice down the sides to get rid of the pericarp, or bring the knife around the halfway point of the fruit, then pull the top off. The latter is the way to do it if you don’t want to hurt the fruit inside, the former may take a little off the top. The pictures above show this procedure!

Next, take the top off..

And then cut down the sides..

If you take it apart, there are little morsels, plus one large one that has a seed!

mm.. divine!


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