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all your needs are met.

at one time, in one place.

No need to dream.

It’s a reality.

Design.  Branding.  Content.  Technical Help.  Launch.  All in one.

1:1 Intensives to make your dreams come true over a two-week period, where my time is reserved just for YOU.

Why? You and I both share the same belief. Business, while it has its obstacles, should come with ease and grace.

There’s no special secret to creating a successful enterprise – except for a mix of passion, determination, and inspired action.

However, there are many things that can increase the viability of your efforts: one of them being design.

Flawless design is like a finely tailored suit, in that dressing up your ideas can only make them even more attractive.

However, the design process needs to be refined.. Because most everyone gets stuck on the first step.

Gathering materials for your online project can take years, unless you have professional help.

And even then, you’ll end up talking to a million different people to get it accomplished.

This is for those that want to skip the hassle, and get it all done yesterday.

For these reasons,

I’m inviting you to take a leap.

To conquer those dreams you’ve been yearning for.

To create the perfect online presence to express your ideas.


All with ease, grace, and a support to back you up.

I’m inviting you to join me in an immersive branding experience.

All taken care of through your attentive, detail-oriented assistant:  Me.

What You’ll Receive

  • AESTHETICS: a branding board with colour palettes, typography, & a crafted message

  • IDENTITY: Logo design & social media assets such as profile/cover photos

  • EXPRESSION: Carefully curated content for your entire site (all the images & text you could ever need)

  • DESIGN: your entire dream, online, built with a flexible & functional solution allowing you to scale up endlessly

  • LAUNCH: all bases are covered with support through launch on social media and email

No more playing small.

There’s no excuse.

If you’re looking to truly ACT on your ideas, this is for you.

If you’re fed up with the inauthenticity of marketers & designers, this is for you.

If you’re tired of agencies that subcontract & are hard to get ahold of..

Or they plainly don’t see your vision and can’t seem to create the image you’re looking for..

Or they even under-deliver what they have promised on..

This is definitely for you.

your solution?



Get ready for a streamlined,

effortless, easy experience.

Do you find yourself wondering things like..

“When will I hear back from my designer? Or my marketer? And what about my tech support ticket?”

Or exclaiming.. “If only it were easier to bring this thing online!!”

“How will I get this up and running in time?!”

Stop worrying. You’ll thank yourself.

say yes to aligned assistance

The Step-by-Step Process


To get acquainted with me, personally, and feel out our potential partnership, I’ll invite you to join me on an introductory call. We can talk business, or just have a virtual coffee, so we both know where our common grounds & interests lie


The first real step you take is where we dig deep together, over a 90-minute call where we identify all the key details about your clientele and how to present your ideas to them. From all the details


Your logo is only part of the brand image that reinforces your ideas, so sit back and relax while colour palettes, fonts, tagline & message are crafted to your aestehtic preferences, taking into consideration your key audience


With the prerequisites created, watch your logo come to life and choose the direction of it’s growth through the whole process, ending in a number of choices for you to discern a choice through


From your essential branding we’ll come up with all the online assets you need to spread this image everywhere: including social profile images, graphics, and themed looks for your presence


Integrating this image we have created into your site’s language is key, as the entire online experience should be seamless & real. From here, pen meets paper and all your content springs into action


Prototyping begins, as we go over what your ideal experience should be for all visitors to your site.. We’ll tap into their user flow and create diagrams of the way they will journey through your online realm

On time,

Production begins. We’ll


Launch support

If all your needs could be taken care of at one time, what would it be worth to you?

By your side, I’ll aim to make you jump for joy, and be over the moon with excitement..

Because more than anything, I want to please my clients, and that’s the experience you deserve.