Mocha Chia Pudding

Other than fruit, fruit juices, and smoothies, I have found vegan breakfasts to be the most difficult meal of the day to prepare. It’s not like you want to eat pasta, curry, tacos, veggie burgers or anything too heavy in the morning! And aside from that, most vegan options are made of tofu – one of the last things you’ll ever find on my plate. This is a simple breakfast meal that will leave you feeling fuller for longer, get you going with a little bit of caffeine (but not too much) and definitely satisfy not only your tastebuds, but your time crunch, too.

Mocha Chia Pudding

Serves 1


about 1:4 ratio of chia seeds to water, or almond milk
(add more as needed)

optional: 3/4ths of a bowl full of oats, soaked in almond milk or water overnight

1:1 ratio of coffee beans and flax seeds, ground

one serving of hemp protein powder

coconut shreds or flakes as desired

cacao nibs as desired

berries, bananas, or your favourite fruit

a dash of maple syrup

The optional first step in this recipe is to soak oats overnight with either almond milk, or water. I use water if I don’t have any almond milk, but it is creamier and more delicious with almond milk. The amount you’ll want in the end is about 3/4ths of a bowl, but I typically fill a mason jar without really measuring, let them soak overnight, and use however much is needed. If you don’t like oats, then you can skip this step completely, just use more chia seeds.

In the morning, hydrate your chia seeds by adding water or almond milk and stirring them or whipping them into the liquid. Your goal is to create constant movement for them once they enter the liquid so that they don’t stick to each other and clump up. Next, you mix the now gel-like chia seeds and oats together.

Then come the toppings. I usually add a serving of hemp protein powder to mine, as it is my preferred protein powder – which you will be able to read a review of soon. Put the flax seeds and coffee beans in your coffee grinder and grind until fine – then add as much or as little as you please. You get a great flavour with the coffee grinds, as well as less caffeine, and healthy fats and fibre from the flax seeds, I add coconut flakes to make the cereal a little bit more dry, and add cacao nibs for all of the antioxidants and the little energy boost in the morning. I also enjoy the crunch from the cacao nibs. You may or may not need to add more almond milk/water, it just depends on your preference in consistency. Add a dash of maple syrup, just to sweeten it a bit, as there is no sweetness otherwise. Add any fruit on hand, preferably berries, or bananas.

Pictured on the slide is┬áthe dry mix I created – then all I did is I hydrate it in the morning.


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