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Project Description

Although we were already travel-savvy, my long-time partner and I began a stint of 6 months of consistent travel in the Southwest and West Coast, whence we became locals in every area that our trail touched. From Santa Fe, to Sedona, to Big Sur and on; we did it all. Along the way, we discovered many things that we can’t help but continue to share, as the sheer enchantment of our experiences constantly elates us. Through Free Spirit Press we share our experiences, and guide others in the directions we have been.

We’re overflowing with a wealth of experiences that will be used to create conscious travel guides for the spiritual, eco-friendly, health-minded, and responsibly travelling individuals. We want these guides to provide the means for enjoying travel in a higher state of awareness – instead of providing advertising inundated guides that are convoluted and show only one side of a destination – the most popular, tourism supporting businesses. If your wish has been to travel like a local, to travel consciously, to travel enlightened, your dream will become true.

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