Purple Carrots

For those who are well versed in their vegetables, purple carrots are no new thing. But for consumers today, purple carrots are an anomaly. But in fact, these used to be the norm a few hundred years ago. All carrots actually used to be purple, with an occasional yellow, white, or red.

Dutch farmers bred the mutant colours of carrots to create the orange coloured carrot, for a plump, sweet, pleasant looking carrot, the one you can find at any place in the world, at any grocery market with produce. Supposedly they did this to honour William of Orange. Thus ended the purple carrot..

Until recently. These carrots have been making a comeback in produce arenas as they are far more aesthetically pleasing, and they have extra added health benefits – anthocyanins, an antioxidant only found in purple/dark blue produce. As you can see below, they also have a yellow to orange core, so they hold a bit of shock value when you cut them open in front of others.

These are great facts to share with kids, as they will remember these extra-ordinary carrots!


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