Raw Vegan Frozen Coffee Chocolate Cake

Coffee and chocolate. A divine marriage of flavours. I have never been a fan of desserts or sweets – unless it is dark chocolate related. However, this dessert takes the crown with a rich, satisfying texture and delicate, delectable taste. As the base of this recipe is coconut, cashew, and dates, it’s an exception to the rule of dessert after supper – it is a viable breakfast option as well. This recipe only requires a few common household tools – a blender, glass dish, and fine sieve. This gave me an opportunity to try using Buddha’s Hand, a fragrant citrus fruit that will be covered in our fruit section soon.

Main Ingredients

The meat from one young Thai coconut, and about a cup 1/2 of the water from it.
One full jar of cashew butter (24oz)
One bowl of fresh dates, adjust as needed for sweetness
3 tablespoons of cacao, more to taste
Cold pressed coffee to taste


Fresh cracked walnuts (enough for each bite to have some)
Cacao for dusting
Matcha for dusting (optional)
Buddha’s Hand peel for fragrance (optional)


Simply blend all ingredients up together, and adjust to your palate. The consistency should be thick like pudding. Pour into a glass tray, top with nuts and dust cacao on top with a fine sieve. Cover and freeze overnight, let sit in refrigerator for one hour prior to serving, and right before serving, dust with matcha and sprinkle Buddha’s hand peel on top.


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