So, you want to be found?

Google¬†won’t notice you?

Look no further than SEO.

What’s all the talk about?

Search Engine Optimization.

Optimizing your website so that search engines can read it,

understand it, and know where to place you on the pages of search results.


On-site optimization deals with updating your site with keywords to show your content’s focus.

Off-site optimization deals with linking back to your website from all over the web.

To put it simply;

You need a specialist.

SEO boosts your visibility.

From local listings to great big corporations, SEO is well needed,

as it solves a common problem encountered online:

being discoverable.


However – it isn’t a magic trick or a quick fix with some new product,

it’s a technical effort that is part of your long term strategy.

SEO is part of organic advertising, and should be treated like growing a garden.

You’ll reap the benefits over time, as more and more people naturally pour into your site.

On-Site SEO


Off-Site SEO


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