Sonoran Desert Museum

As you make your way from Tucson, racing across the desert, your vision is met with endless blue skies and cacti as far as you can see. The mountains you pass through will offer beautiful views of the desert floor that you are about to traverse. Descend into the prickly sea on winding roads, and fly towards the destination – one that will pique your curiosity for the desert even more so. Sometimes we don’t want to ruin the magic and mystery of our surroundings by learning the technical details and science behind the scenes, however, the desert is exclusive from this as our preconceptions of the desert are that it is uninhabitable and barren. Learning how the desert ecosystem works proves otherwise, as it is flourishing, beautiful, and alive as ever.

Bring your hiking boots along and pack a picnic; there is plenty to explore for a full day out under the sun. There are many attractions here, from the to the daily raptor free-fly event, to miles of trails outdoors, winding through various exhibits on the desert floor, with educational signs along the way. This museum is 95% outdoors, so come prepared, and if possible, avoid weekends as parking will become difficult then. While in the area, if looking for a quiet picnic area away from the museum, Ez-Kim-In-Zin is my go to. If looking for food to bring along with you, try Food Conspiricy Co-op before heading out.

For more info, check out their google maps listing.


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