Without wellness, what do you have?

Wellness is the most important facet of life to me.

We are only given one body in this journey of life, and we should treat it accordingly.

As a child growing up with scoliosis, or curviture of the spine, I dealt with chronic inflammation.

I dealt with excruciating pain on a regular basis and nothing helped me find relief.

My specialist told me I couldn’t do anything other than take pain medication and exercise to strengthen my back.

I was a competitive swimmer and was swimming every single day, to no avail.

I thought I was healthy.

However, I transitioned from having a pescetarian diet (vegetarian, but consuming fish), to a plant-based diet.

My adventure into veganism turned my world upside down – I was pain free, and it seemed like a miracle.

Being conscious about what I eat turned into a lifestyle – where I investigated becoming conscious in all aspects of life.

This led me to begin Free Spirit Press.

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